Oswestry Pool League


KO Report for Individuals

Individuals Last 32
Best of 5. All matches to be played by 28th January. Home player to contact Away player by 14th otherwise the fixture is reversed and the away player becomes the home player.
Brian Teagle(M:07969708591)(Sports Lounge A) 3 2 Andrew Jones(M:07817500522)(Ex Servicemens A)
Jonty Turnbull(M:07989118481)(Welfare)     Ben Jones(M:07706082047)(Butchers Arms)
Gary Rogers(M:07581261988)(Sports Lounge C) 1 3 John Vaughan(M:07540537320)(Sports Lounge C)
Merv Edwards(M:07871474522)(Sports Lounge B)     Pete Watkins(M:07890088017)(Sports Lounge A)
Les Tinney(M:079759855714)(Railway Tin Tins)     Craig Williams(Railway Tin Tins)
Ian Jones(M:07890662437)(Ex Servicemens A)     Ian Hughes(M:07534252297)(Ex Servicemens Animals)
Dave Hughes(M:07903417005)(Ex Servicemens Amigos)     Jake Prince(M:07508587037)(Butchers Arms)
Chris Urbano(Ex Servicemens A)     Dave Jones(M:07970695560)(Ex Servicemens Amigos)
Tom Williams(M:07539380501)(Sports Lounge Superstars)     Tomos Lloyd(M:07495344832)(Sports Lounge Superstars)
Steve Jones(M:07591727649)(Ex Servicemens Amigos) 1 3 Andy Nurse(M:07834583555)(Railway Tin Tins)
Will Gaw(M:07951896617)(Butchers Arms)     Bernie Pugh(M:07803089303)(Sports Lounge B)
Terry Owen(M:07976385255)(Sports Lounge B) 3 1 Stephen Rowe(M:07958456762)(Ex Servicemens Animals)
Steve Bradford(M:07763641494)(Ex Saints)     Ashley Williams(M:07593352689)(Greyhound)
George Rodger(M:07710241446)(Ex Saints)     Sean Humber(M:07753170910)(Ex Servicemens Amigos)
Stu Dean(M:07435666658)(Sports Lounge A)     Dave Williams(M:07969692963)(Ex Servicemens A)
Tom Allen(M:07951902085)(Railway Tin Tins) 0 3 Jamie Baines(M:07749439063)(Ex Servicemens Animals)
Individuals Last 64
Best of 5. All matches to be played by 28th November. Home player to contact Away player by 14th otherwise the fixture is reversed and the away player becomes the home player.
Tom Williams(M:07539380501)(Sports Lounge Superstars)     Bye
Steve Bradford(M:07763641494)(Ex Saints)     Bye
Andrew Jones(M:07817500522)(Ex Servicemens A)     Bye
Pete Watkins(M:07890088017)(Sports Lounge A)     Bye
Merv Edwards(M:07871474522)(Sports Lounge B)     Bye
Tomos Lloyd(M:07495344832)(Sports Lounge Superstars)     Bye
Chris Urbano(Ex Servicemens A)     Bye
Ben Jones(M:07706082047)(Butchers Arms)     Bye
Will Gaw(M:07951896617)(Butchers Arms)     Bye
Craig Williams(Railway Tin Tins)     Bye
Tom Allen(M:07951902085)(Railway Tin Tins)     Bye
John Vaughan(M:07540537320)(Sports Lounge C)     Bye
Stu Dean(M:07435666658)(Sports Lounge A)     Bye
Ashley Williams(M:07593352689)(Greyhound)     Bye
Les Tinney(M:079759855714)(Railway Tin Tins) 3 2 Stephen Morris(M:07880329389)(Greyhound)
M Rogers(M:07837962788)(Sports Lounge C) 1 3 Ian Hughes(M:07534252297)(Ex Servicemens Animals)
Dave Nurse(M:07342847521)(Railway Tin Tins) 0 3 Terry Owen(M:07976385255)(Sports Lounge B)
Bernie Pugh(M:07803089303)(Sports Lounge B) 3 2 Adam Johnson(M:07415764706)(Railway Tin Tins)
Jamie Baines(M:07749439063)(Ex Servicemens Animals) 3 0 Lewis Penrose(Sports Lounge Superstars)
Andy Nurse(M:07834583555)(Railway Tin Tins) W 0 Jake Williams(M:07951902268)(Sports Lounge Superstars)
Dave Hughes(M:07903417005)(Ex Servicemens Amigos) 3 1 Chris Jones(Butchers Arms)
Paul Owen(M:07896149617)(Sports Lounge B) 1 3 Stephen Rowe(M:07958456762)(Ex Servicemens Animals)
Ian Jones(M:07890662437)(Ex Servicemens A) 3 2 Jason Hartshorn(M:07968994219)(Ex Servicemens A)
Jay Harmer(M:07790006506)(Ex Saints) 0 3 Dave Williams(M:07969692963)(Ex Servicemens A)
Dave Jones(M:07970695560)(Ex Servicemens Amigos) 3 1 Danny Smith(M:07841778957)(Ex Saints)
Craig Rowe(M:07817986788)(Ex Servicemens Animals) 0 3 George Rodger(M:07710241446)(Ex Saints)
Brian Teagle(M:07969708591)(Sports Lounge A) 3 1 Ryan Hughes(M:07792130554)(Ex Servicemens Animals)
Jake Prince(M:07508587037)(Butchers Arms) W 0 Liam Badwick(Butchers Arms)
Steve Jones(M:07591727649)(Ex Servicemens Amigos) 3 1 Phil Coulson(M:07921401182)(Ex Servicemens Amigos)
Paul Thomas(M:07803508116)(Greyhound) 0 3 Gary Rogers(M:07581261988)(Sports Lounge C)
Jonty Turnbull(M:07989118481)(Welfare) 3 2 Ian Gibson(M:07498328320)(Greyhound)
Sean Humber(M:07753170910)(Ex Servicemens Amigos) W 0 Paul Sandison(M:07794656223)(Railway Tin Tins)

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