Oswestry Pool League 2019-20 Season


KO Report for B Individuals

The draw has not been made.
The 23 entries are as follows:
Adi Evans(M:07850225390)(Butchers Arms)
Alan Cartwright(Sports Lounge B)
Andy Nurse(M:07857825614)(Sports Lounge B)
Ben Jones(M:07561089503)(Vaults)
Chris Jones(George)
Craig Stocker(M:07498606145)(Butchers Arms)
Craig Williams(M:07375378035)(Sports Lounge B)
Darren Williams(M:07860367813)(Three Pigeons)
Dave Nurse(M:07516728671)(Sports Lounge B)
James Shuttleworth(M:07510719404)(Sports Lounge Z)
Josh Edwards(Sports Lounge Lizards)
Kieron Buswell(Sports Lounge Lizards)
Laurence Edwards(Sports Lounge Lizards)
Marcus Milner(M:07738247556)(Butchers Arms)
Morgan Williams(M:07368267170)(Sports Lounge Z)
Paul Sandison(M:07794656223)(George)
Ryan Jones(Sports Lounge Lizards)
Scott Davies(M:07961051644)(Three Pigeons)
Simon Jones(Sports Lounge Lizards)
Stephen Evison(Sports Lounge Lizards)
Stuart Breeze(M:07375051810)(Sports Lounge Z)
Stuart Morris(M:07790844719)(Sports Lounge Lizards)
Terri Edmond(M:07990935446)(Sports Lounge Z)

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