Oswestry Pool League 2019-20 Season


KO Report for A Individuals

The draw has not been made.
The 23 entries are as follows:
Aaron Roberts(M:07837603474)(Welfare)
Adam Castell(M:07398298743)(Sports Lounge Old Boys)
Andrew Jones(M:07817500522)(Ex Servicemens A)
Bernie Pugh(M:07803089303)(Ex Servicemens B)
Brian Teagle(Ex Servicemens Animals)
Chris Urbano(M:07848918853)(Ex Servicemens A)
Dan Sharpe(M:07866451329)(Sports Lounge Old Boys)
Frank Mottram(M:07773676853)(Welfare)
George Rodger(Ex Servicemens Animals)
Ian Hughes(M:07496610699)(Ex Servicemens Animals)
Ian Jones(M:07890662437)(Ex Servicemens A)
Jamie Baines(M:07596762099)(Ex Servicemens Animals)
Jason Hartshorn(M:07968994219)(Ex Servicemens A)
Jonty Tunrbull Snr(M:07989118481)(Welfare)
Jonty Turnbull Jnr(M:07490472778)(Welfare)
Leigh Willis(M:07581585352)(Welfare)
Lloyd Robson(M:07546457633)(Sports Lounge Old Boys)
Merv Edwards(M:07871474522)(Ex Servicemens B)
Paul Owen(M:07896149617)(Ex Servicemens B)
Ryan Hughes(M:07792130554)(Ex Servicemens Animals)
Sam Machin(Market A)
Terry Owen(M:07976385253)(Ex Servicemens B)
Tom Williams(M:07539380501)(Sports Lounge Old Boys)

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